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Fitness Bootcamps - Tampa, Florida

What is Body Bash Bootcamp?

Body Bash Bootcamp is a 4 week fitness program that offers up to 40 group exercise classes a month. Our heart-pounding outdoor workouts are designed to encourage personal improvement and goal achievement in a supportive, motivating group setting. Participants are challenged to compete only against themselves, but work with others for the very best personal fitness results.

I’m scared of bootcamp…will the fitness instructor yell at me?

No way! The bootcamp exercise instructor is positive, uplifting, and utilizes motivational exercise techniques that will get the most out of each bootcamper. We want you to have a positive “bootcamp” experience, not scream and yell at you!

I'm just a beginner; will I be able to keep up with the exercise routines?

Absolutely! The group workouts are designed to be tough, but everyone participates at their own pace. However, you are encouraged to push yourself within the range of your individual fitness level. As you progress through each work out, you'll notice your strength, stamina, and cardiovascular endurance will increase, along with your confidence. Plus, the boot camp workouts are time-based as opposed to repetition-based. This fitness training style allows beginners to work right along with even the most advanced boot camp clients.

I'm really in shape. I lift weights and do cardio several times a week. Will someone at the highest level of fitness find the workout challenging?

Without question, even the most advanced fitness levels will find these full-body workouts challenging and worthwhile, producing fitness results that their own personal training regimen cannot. With these workouts, as in life, you get out of it what you put into it!

What kind of fitness workouts can I expect?

At Body Bash Bootcamp, our exercise workouts include a healthy dose of cardio training, core strengthening, polymeric exercises, resistance training with kettle bells, resistance bands, medicine balls, and hand weights. And you can't forget about the "gassers", "suicide drills," jump roping and sprints!

Fitness classes will always be fresh, fast-paced and challenging-- no two exercise workouts are alike! This provides muscle confusion, ensuring quicker results, and alleviating boredom (which can typically be found in most gym or group fitness classes).

What kind of health and fitness results will I see?

The benefits of regular exercise are numerous. Within the first month you will be:

  • getting stronger, healthier, and more motivated
  • increasing your endurance, energy level, and confidence
  • developing lean muscle
  • losing weight and noticing how much better your clothes fit!

Do you only offer one type of fitness bootcamp?

No. Our goal at Body Bash Bootcamp is to accommodate all types of people who are trying to improve their health and fitness. For this reason, we offer the following types of fitness boot camps:

  • Adult Bootcamp,
  • Corporate Bootcamp, and
  • Bootcamp for Kids.

What do I need to get my fitness bootcamp experience started?

Print the Body Bash Bootcamp waiver, sign it, and bring it with you the first day you attend a fitness class. You'll need some comfortable workout clothes, good cross-training or running shoes, a water bottle, and lots of enthusiasm! But the most important (and sometimes the hardest) part is making the commitment and showing up to workout. Do something for yourself and enroll today!

Why should I join?

If you're looking for a fun, energetic, challenging, outdoor workout that stresses the importance of physical fitness... this is for you! Who wants to spend all their time in the gym? Not us! We'd rather be outdoors challenging ourselves to be our best with a group of similarly motivated individuals. It's no wonder why our outdoor group exercise classes are so effective!

Utilizing a gym is an excellent workout, but bootcamp provides a way for you to achieve a higher level of overall fitness. Besides, when you compare the expense of a personal trainer against the value you receive with Body Bash Bootcamp's full body workout, it's a no-brainer ... join today!

What days are classes provided?

Body Bash Bootcamp is offered 6 days a week. Check out our Schedule and Fees page for more information on the our fitness class schedule and group exercise locations.

How much does your fitness bootcamp cost?

Check out our Schedule and Fees page for more information on our affordable pricing packages.

What happens if it rains? Will make up days be provided?

Outdoor exercise classes will be held weather permitting. If it's a light rain, we will work workout until conditions become unsafe. If there's lightning, the outdoor fitness class will be canceled immediately. Unfortunately, living in Tampa, Florida increases our chances of being rained out, so there will be no make-up exercise classes.

Can I transfer my membership?

Monthly package transfers are not allowed.

If I miss a group exercise class, can I make them up the following month?

No. Missed fitness classes do not "roll over" to the following month. For bootcamp training to be successful, a commitment to regular attendance is necessary.


For any additional questions about Body Bash Bootcamp and our outdoor fitness classes,
feel free to contact us or call (813) 335-9118.


Body Bash's Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp is conveniently located for Florida clients residing in Tampa FL, South Tampa FL, and Hillsborough County Florida.

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